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Will there be a USMCA Signing Party?

Canada says No.

Not with Trudeau present anyway.

Canada’s ambassador in Washington says Prime Minster Justin Trudeau will not be taking part in any sort of signing ceremony alongside President Trump if steel and aluminum tariffs aren’t lifted first.


According to CBC Canada,

“Trudeau told CNN on Tuesday that Canada is not considering backing out of the new trade agreement if the tariffs remain in place.  ‘We’re not at the point of saying that we wouldn’t sign if it wasn’t lifted, although we’re trying to make that case,’ Trudeau said.  ‘We would much rather have genuine free trade with the United States, so we’re going continue to work, as soon as we can, to lift those tariffs.'”


On June 1, 2017, tariffs were imposed on steel and aluminum imports from United States two other USMCA trading partners, Mexico and Canada via Section 232.  Talks had indicated that The U.S. would lift those tariffs as soon as an agreement between the three countries was made, but that didn’t happen.  In return, Mexico and Canada both imposed retaliatory tariffs on the U.S.

Mexico is now stating it won’t sign an agreement if the steel and aluminum tariffs aren’t lifted and Canada’s Prime Minister is refusing to attend a signing ceremony should there be one unless tariffs are lifted, as well.