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USMCA Legislation Waits as White House, Congress Continue Talks

USMCA Legislation Waits as White House, Congress Continue Talks

Delays to be Expected

An agreement was made last fall between the three countries (U.S, Mexico, and Canada) to enter into a trilateral trade that would better help the North American workers and economies.  The implementation process has been pushed back until sometime this fall. President Trump and his administrators continue to talk and work out the issues that are present in the current deal with lawmakers. For months, Congress has insisted that the new USMCA be improved in many areas before it meets the Congressional Democrats approval.

Areas of improvement in new deal:
  • labor
  • environment
  • enforcement
  • intellectual property
  • access to medicines


USMCA, New NAFTA Enforcement Timeline 

As stated from Sandler, Travis and Rosenberg, “the letter therefore urged the White House not to submit implementing legislation to Congress ‘absent the agreement of Democratic leadership,’ which likely would not be given until some sort of agreement on the outstanding issues is reached. Under current law this bill can now be submitted at any time, as more than 30 days have passed since the administration sent a draft statement of administrative action to Congress.” The delays may last until lawmakers return from their summer recess in September.


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