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U.S-Tunisia Trade and Investment Council Meeting

U.S-Tunisia Trade and Investment Council Meeting

On May 16, 2019. The United States-Tunisia Trade and Investment Council met in Washington, D.C. This was the eighth session that the council has held since the TIFA was signed in 2002. Some topics of discussion covered during the meeting included ways to expand bilateral trade and investment in creating new jobs to mutually benefit both countries. In 2018, two-way trade in goods reached $1.2 billion tripling the level in 2000. The two sides also discussed additional engagement on food and agriculture issues, with respect to grain specifically.

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About Tunisia
  • Population: 11,516,189
  • GDP: $39.96 Billion
  • GDP/Capita: $11,900
  • Real GDP Growth Rate: 2%
  • Inflation: 5.3%
  • Import: $19.09 Billion
  • Export: $13.82 Billion
Major Imports:
  • Textiles, Machinery and Equipment, Hydrocarbons, Chemicals, Foodstuffs
Major Export:
  • Clothing, Semi-finished goods, Agriculture products, Mechanical goods, Phosphates and chemicals, Hydrocarbons, Electrical Equipment

All the stats provided are from the year 2017.  Information derived from

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