Transportation Management System

Fewer than 1 in 3 shippers has a TMS in place.

With a world full of data and capabilities of analyzing information pulled from a transportation management system, it is advisable that all shippers have some sort of TMS structure. Having a TMS in place can reduce transportation spend, contract management and inventory levels. It is our job to make your job easier and more efficient.

 Our Transportation Management System includes:

• Data Integration
• Inbound (procurement) and outbound (shipping) order evaluation
• Various routing suggestions based on information
• Load tendering generation
• Freight Bill Audits
• Customized Reporting
• Data Compilation
• P.O. and Inventory Management
• Data validation
• Live track and trace
• Tracking of shipments and identifying service failures, thus improving overall supply chain visibility
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


Scarbrough’s implementation of EDI allows for data validation before transmission according to our clients’ requirements, so you deliver transmissions specifically tailored to each individual trading partner.