Our inbound freight has never gone smoother

“Dear Scarbrough,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise facilitating our overseas shipments.

I admit I was skeptical not knowing anything about Scarbrough freight when we started. I was able to take that giant leap of faith because I trusted that you knew what you were doing. Our inbound freight has never gone smoother with the full containers. And I want to thank you also for introducing the smaller 20 footers and pallet sized freight options. We have utilized both and have met some tight deadlines when we were in between filling a full size container.

Your team has been on top of all the documentation which has also helped in getting the freight here quickly.

Now the only issue I have with you and your team is when we are late on a shipment to our customer I cannot use the easy excuse and blame the freight company. As you know we have had or issues with parts from China but logistics is no longer one of them. Once again thank you.

Scott Thompson, Director of Strategic Industries, BDI Worldwide, Specialty Services