Parcel Audit

Parcel Audit Savings

Parcel Audit Savings Do you spend over $50k in parcel shipments per year? This webinar is for you! Learn how you can save your company thousands of dollars without spending a dime. Join us in this webinar which is like no other. Ask questions via […]

How a FREE Parcel Audit can help save your Company Money

Join us with experts that have developed software to help companies save tens of thousands of dollars by optimizing parcel spend using real-time data. Learn how to monitor parcel savings across multiple shipping accounts and track unusual changes in your shipping. This is just the […]

Dimensional Weight Calculator

All the information you need on one page For the first time since 2015, when dimensional weight was introduced, FedEx and UPS have used different formulas for their DIM Weight calculations AND different base shipping rates for their ground services. This makes calculating accurate DIM […]

Dimensional Weight Pricing: Change for the Better?

Dimensional Weight Pricing:  Change for the Better? In 2015 we will see a change to how all UPS and FedEx shippers pay for ground packages. No longer based simply on physical weight, dimensional (DIM) weight pricing takes into account the exterior package size which is […]

How to Avoid Dimensional Weight Pricing Cost Spike

How to Avoid Dimensional Weight Pricing Cost Spike Excerpt from Logistics ViewPoints | by Bobby Miller  | November 20th, 2014 This past June, the largest overnight delivery carriers (FedEx and UPS) announced that they would apply dimensional weight pricing to all shipments, effective January 2015. It is expected that […]