UK and USA Trade Talks

UK and U.S. Trade Talks

UK and U.S. Trade Talks Trump Meets with May Just this week, United States’ President Trump and Great Britain’s Prime Minister May met to discuss a number of things, one being trade between the two countries. According to American Journal of Transportation, “As the U.K. […]

United Kingdom BREXIT

BREXIT Information Notice

BREXIT Scarbrough’s close UK partner, Zenith International, Ltd. released an information guide in regards to BREXIT.  Although BREXIT is among the hottest topic the United Kingdom at the moment, not all issues are concrete.  Keep in mind what is said one day could change the […]

UK USA Negotiations

UK and USA Negotiations

Future Free Trade Agreement According to The Hill, “U.K. is on track to officially exit the EU in March 2019.”  In fact, President Trump believes that a deal between the U.S. and U.K. can be struck within three to nine months.  “While EU law prevents […]

UK Air Freight • Tight Space before Easter

Easter is fast approaching and many UK Forwarders will shut down for 4 days: Good Friday 30th March, Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday 2nd April. From previous years we have learned that the pre-Easter cargo peak usually covers the two weeks prior to Good Friday. […]

United Kingdom Port Closure Warning • Delays Expected

The current adverse weather across the UK has caused a number of major port and terminal closures. There has been severe disruption at London Gateway, Felixstowe and Tilbury ports, all of which have suffered long closures. The weather is also effecting all other transport modes […]

UK Government issues Document with Vision for Future EU Relationship

UK Government issues Document with Vision for Future EU Relationship The United Kingdom plans to start negotiations on exiting the European Union before the end of March 2017.  United Kingdom’s government has issued a helpful public document outlaying its vision for the country’s future relationship […]

Doing Business with the UK

From a U.S. shipper’s or buyer’s perspective, doing business with the United Kingdom is probably one of the easiest nations to deal with. Some key benefits include:  English as a first language, cultures are aligned, short transit in transportation, easy and safe travel, regulations are […]

VGM Trial Run

In a recent Journal of Commerce article on the hot topic Verified Weight Requirement / VGM, Bruce Barnard states, “In a recent trial run, the Port of Felixstowe, the U.K.’s largest container hub, weighed every container that arrived over a few days and the weight of […]

New Container Weight Regulations

New Container Weight Regulations Starting July 1, 2016, containers without a verified weight will not be loaded onto vessels, according to the U.K. Freight Transport Association (FTA). On October 14, 2015, Chris Dupin with American Shipper states: Shippers need to ensure they are prepared for new […]