Driver Shortage

Truck Driver Shortage – Hire a Domestic Truck Broker

Truck Driver Shortage – Hire a Domestic Truck Broker Industrial Challenges for Truck Drivers The nation’s driver shortage is a growing problem and has been for the past 15 years. The United States not only lacks new drivers entering the market, but the number of […]


FMCSA’s Proposed HOS Changes

F Proposed HOS Changes The Hours-of-Service rule was established to ensure the safety of those in the trucking industry. This rule restricts the number of consecutive hours a driver can be on the road at a given time and requires a break from driving during […]

10 Tips for Shipping International

Check out 10 tips when dealing with international transportation. 1. Know your Product Obtain or create a detailed description of your product. Determine what the best HTS number (import) or Schedule B Number (export) you will use to file your entries for import or export. […]

West Coast Wild Fires

West Coast Wild Fires affect Transportation Moves Wild Fires on the West Coast are causing some delays in transportation as they have forced several carriers to either limit or shut down their operation, specifically in Santa Rosa, CA and surrounding area.  Over 81,000 acres have […]

Fun Facts on Freight in the United States

The waterway system in United States is comprised of 145 ports. Each of the ports regulates sea traffic significantly and handles more than 1 MMT (million metric tonne) cargo on annual basis. In contrast to the minor ports, major seaports handle more than 900 MMT […]

President Trump chooses Transportation Secretary

President Trump chooses Transportation Secretary President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Elaine Chao for Transportation Secretary.  Chao served as Secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush and is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Elaine Chao is the first American woman of Asian descent […]

Scarbrough Transportation’s Online Portal

Scarbrough Transportation, a division of the Scarbrough Group of Companies, is pleased to announce its innovative technology tool and online portal.  Scarbrough Transportation’s Online Portal allows companies to: ► Obtain rates  ► Book shipments ► Track shipments ► Save shipper/consignee names and addresses ► Choose carriers ► Manage freight […]

13% of Renewable Energy Consumed by Transportation

13% of Renewable Energy Consumed by Transportation About 13 percent of the renewable energy used in the United States is now consumed in the transportation sector, which experienced the largest percentage growth in renewable consumption from 2001 to 2014.  Excerpt from: The Trucker News Services | […]

Pricing discipline the focus for carriers in cheap fuel market

Pricing discipline the focus for carriers in cheap fuel market Airlines and trucking companies at Stifel Transportation and Logistics Conference said the value of a service can’t be undercut by the short-term impact of low fuel prices. Excerpt from American Shipper |  By:  Eric Johnson […]