10 Tips for Shipping International

Check out 10 tips when dealing with international transportation. 1. Know your Product Obtain or create a detailed description of your product. Determine what the best HTS number (import) or Schedule B Number (export) you will use to file your entries for import or export. […]

Manifest Data Confidentiality Request

U.S. Customs Exams Explained

What to Expect U.S. Customs exams can happen to the best of us.  And it is what one might say luck of the draw if you’re importing into the United States.  It can cause major delays and become very expensive, very quickly. Now, there are […]

parcel audit

Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight

What better? Air Freight or Ocean Freight? If you are an importer, you may be asking yourself, when should I ship by ocean or when should I ship by air?  There are many things to consider when making this decision.  Check it out: Transit Time […]

What paperwork is required to export to a foreign country?

  In short, it depends on which country a shipper plans to export to. Each country has its own rules and regulations. It is the ultimate responsibility of the shipper and/or importer of record to comply with those regulations.  Communication is key! We suggest to […]