Blaming NAFTA Not Based On Facts

Blaming NAFTA Not Based On Facts Excerpt from: Fosters | By Jonathan Menes | June 1 2015 A letter published May 24 argues that NAFTA must be renegotiated because of the harm it has caused. To this end he cites some figures apparently taken from the […]

NAFTA Certificate of Origin

Clarifying the meaning of Valid, Invalid and Defective NAFTA Certificates of Origin   VALID A NAFTA Certificate of Origin is valid if it: 1. Lists the good in question 2. Covers the period in question 3. Includes the exporter’s or his agent’s signature in block […]

Canada Amends Regulations on Proof of Origin for NAFTA Imports

Excerpt from Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report  |  Tuesday, November 11, 2014 The government of Canada published Nov. 5 two regulatory amendments aligning its requirements on proof of origin for importers claiming NAFTA preferential tariff treatment with those of the United States. The notice indicates […]

NAFTA Enhancements

NAFTA celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and the three bordering countries continue to work on upgrading and modernizing their pact made in 1994.  NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, was signed during the George W. Bush Administration in 1992 and implemented during the […]

Latin American Trade Talks

Word on the street is that there are talks that the U.S. is considering a regional trade plan for the Americas.  In addition to the United States’ negotiations on separate free trade deals with Asian and European countries, the “deals,” will hopefully inspire international trade. […]

Mexico: Near-Shoring is Right-Shoring

Near-Shoring is Right-Shoring When it comes to doing business with Mexico or “near-shoring”, Scarbrough is doing the right thing by continuing to inform our customers of the amazing opportunities we have at hand  or “near to us.”  Jon Isbell, of publication American Shipper states that […]