Intermodal Preps for Winter

Rails prep for winter to avoid another Chicago gridlock By: Mark Szakonyi | September 23 2014 The unseasonably cold front that moved through Chicago last weekend provided railroads and shippers a chilly reminder that the rail meltdown seen in winter 2013-2014 could occur again. How […]

What’s still holding back rail service?

This article gives a very comprehensive and understandable overview of the rail crisis facing intermodal customers in the US. By: Larry Gross | July 24 2014  When rail service tanked last winter, a key culprit was easily visible. In the center of the polar vortex, the intermodal hub of […]

Union Pacific: Midwest Improvements

U-P invests $4.5-million in Nebraska – Iowa line The Union Pacific Railroad is investing approximately $4.5 million in the rail across the Nebraska-Iowa state lines, between Omaha, Nebraska and Missouri Valley, Iowa. The Project is funded entirely by Union Pacific without taxpayer dollars. U-P is […]