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India officially removed from GSP

India officially removed from GSP In early March 2019, President Trump announced the United States’ intent to terminate India’s (along with Turkey’s) designation as a beneficiary developing country under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program.  According to Hindu Business Online, President Trump said, “I have determined that […]

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India Places Retaliatory Tariffs on U.S. Imports

India Places Retaliatory Tariffs on U.S. Imports India has announced it will place retaliatory tariffs on U.S. imports into the country after delaying the decision for nearly one year.  On June 21, 2018, India had originally announced it would impose tariffs on American goods in […]

Doing Business with India

  Join us with expert and native from India as we learn the process of exporting to and importing from India. In this webinar, you will learn: Trade facts business culture & etiquette expectations & relationships regional industry sectors business opportunities government parties regulations and […]

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United States Intends to Terminate GSP Designation of India and Turkey

United States Will Terminate GSP Designation of India and Turkey The United States Trade Representative announced its intent to terminate Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) designation of India and Turkey because they no longer comply with the statutory eligibility criteria.  Under the United States GSP […]

Possible Retaliation Tariffs from India and European Union

The European Union and India have just separately announced planned tariffs that target over $7 billion in annual exports from the United States in response to the USA tariffs on U.S. imports of steel and aluminum.  In recent news, the United States imposed anti-dumping taxes […]

Port Strikes Adversely Affecting the Cargo Industry in India

Port Strikes and All India is emerging as one of the biggest economies and consumer markets in South East Asia. They have shown tremendous growth in the previous fiscal years and in 2016 the growth rate was recorded to be 7.11%. Indian ports have played […]

Truckers strike across south India

Truckers in India have gone on strike in response to a proposed 50% increase in third party insurance premiums.  There is currently no movement in South India, which really include a large amount of the country’s cargo movements.  Currently, there is virtually no truck movement to […]

Cyclone Vardah hits Chennai

Cyclone Vardah hits Chennai A severe cyclone named Vardha hit the city of Chennai, India late evening on Monday, December 12, 2016.  The cyclone struck land with  a wind speed of 140 km per hour (87 mph), bringing with it the heaviest storm since October […]

Strike at JN Port terminal trigger calls for ESMA

Strike at JN Port terminal trigger calls for ESMA Excerpt from: Live Mint | By: P. Manoj | January 26, 2016 A month-long strike at a privately run container terminal in state-owned Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, India’s busiest container gateway located near Mumbai, has exposed […]

GRI Announcement from the Far East – January 15, 2016

U.S. Import General Rate Increase for  Full Container and Less than Container Freight Carriers have announced a General Rate Increase (GRI) for the Far East, Africa, E. Africa and Middle East to USA effective January 15, 2016.  Based on this information, please be aware that forwarders are required by […]