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Submitting VGM to Carriers

Forwarders across the nation have raised their concern on how to submit required verified gross mass data to container lines.  How will the required data be communicated to the carriers?  Why is there no clarity?  How do the carriers wish to receive the VGM data?  None of these have been clearly communicated to the public yet.

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One container line, Hapag Lloyd, said,  “Customers can transmit the VGM through the new VGM-oriented VERMAS EDI standard, or via existing EDI, or e-documentation channels including neutral portals such as Inttra or GT Nexus.” [source]

What Scarbrough currently does for our U.S. export clients:

scarbrough_fb_thumbAs an industry leader in compliance, Scarbrough has already began working with our clients and submitting weight verification.  Our truck bill of lading forms are being used as a dual purpose for both a truck bill of lading and a weight verification certificate. Clients fill out these forms, verify the weight, add the container tare weight located on the rear of the container, then designate a person from the company to sign on behalf of the shipper.  The forms are then returned to Scarbrough, and Scarbrough submits them to the appropriate party.  Scarbrough actually submits these forms on the day of loading, which is well in advance of potential deadlines for VGM submission.  If you would like a copy of the form, please email or call 816.584.2408.