Shipping with Scarbrough Podcast

Shipping with Scarbrough Podcast

Global Trade & International Shipping Training & Discussion

This podcast is derived from a question & answer forum recorded in front of a live audience of international shipping, supply chain management, and U.S. Customs compliance professionals. Global trade experts come together to discuss topics related to the global trade industry. Topics include U.S. Customs, trade compliance, international shipping including import and export, domestic trucking across North America, doing business with certain countries, current trending news and more. Our audience submits the questions and we provide the answers.



Legal Opportunities to Recover & Avoid
U.S. Customs Duty

Topics include: Section 301 & 232 tariffs, Duty Drawback, Product Exclusions, Free Trade Agreements, Foreign Trade Zones, Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), and more.

Doing Business with Brazil

Topics include:  The Business Culture of Brazil, Government Entities, Shipping Process, Regulations, How to enter the market and more!

Incoterms 2010 Training

Topics include: Terms of Sale.  Suggestions on which Incoterms to buy or sell on.  When does insurance transfer?  When does risk transfer?  And more!

Mexico Shipping Process

Topics include: Northbound shipping process.  Southbound shipping process.  Mexico Customs & Regulations.  Best Practices.  Incoterms and more!

Doing Business with the United Kingdom

Topics include: Trade Facts.  Business culture & etiquette.  Industry Sectors by Region.  Most Common Incoterms.  Business Opportunities.  How to enter the Market and more!

Doing Business with Germany

Topics include: Trade Facts.  Business culture & etiquette.  Industry Sectors by Region.  Most Common Incoterms.  Business Opportunities.  How to enter the Market and more!

Doing Business with Canada

Topics include: Canada Shipping Process.  Goods & Service tax (GST).  Non-Resident Importer Benefits.  Question & Answer Forum and more!

U.S. Customs Brokerage and Classification

Topics include: Things to consider when importing.  The Customs entry process.  General rules of interpretation.  HTS structure & how to read the HTSUS.  How to classify products and more!

Basics of Cargo Insurance, Risk and Liability

Topics include: The importance and ease of cargo insurance.  The benefits of cargo insurance.  Carrier’s limits of liability.  Piracy.  General average and more!

Paying U.S. Customs via ACH & Periodic Monthly Statements

Topics include: What is ACH?  ACH Process.  ACH Benefits.  Periodic Monthly Statements.  Examples and more!

Doing Business With Mexico - Culture, industry sectors, and more.

Topics include: Business culture and etiquette, expectations & relationships, regional industry sectors, business opportunities and more!

Facts on the USMCA,
the New NAFTA

Topics include: What changes were made? When will it be enforced? What to expect. What sectors does it effect? What are the politics? Benefits to Canada, Mexico & the USA and more.

Duty Drawback

Topics include: What duty drawback is.  How it works.  Do's & Don'ts.  When does it make sense?  Section 232 & Section 301 and more.

Domestic Transportation 101

Topics include: Basics of Domestic Shipping.  Types of Equipment.  Best Practices.  How to classify.  New Regulations.  Hours of Service and more.

Mexico Customs and Regulations

Topics include: Mexico Shipping Process.  Mexico Customs.  VUCEM.  NAFTA Certificate.  Regulations.  And more!

Import Training: Basics of Importing

Topics include: The import shipping process.  Import Best Practices.  Parties involved.  Incoterms.  U.S. Customs Regulations.  HTS Numbers & Classification.  Partner Government Agencies and more!

Export Training: Basics of Exporting

Topics include: The export shipping process.  Things to consider when exporting.  Licensing requirements.  Destination document requirements.  ISPM 15 .  Shippers export declaration (SED, AES, EEI) and more!

ATA Carnet Training

Topics include: What is an ATA Carnet?  Why should you use one? What goods qualify?  What countries accept Carnets? Best practices and more!

             Doing Business with Colombia             

Topics include: Colombian trade facts.   Business culture & etiquette.  Expectations & relationships.  Regional industry sectors.  Business opportunities.  Government parties and more!

Top 10 Mistakes Exporters Make and How to Avoid Them

Topics include: Knowing your buyer.  Incoterms.  Payment methods.  Product Classification.  Regulations.  Documentation and more!

                 Doing Business with India                 

Topics include: Trade facts.  Business culture and etiquette.  Business Opportunities and more!

                               Incoterms 2020                              

Topics include:Background of Incoterms®, What Incoterms® are, What Incoterms® are NOT, Changes from 2010 to 2020, Most common Incoterms® and more.

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About Scarbrough

Scarbrough, headquartered in Kansas City with local presence in every major port in the world, is a complete international and domestic supply chain service provider, offering U.S., Mexico, and Canada Customs brokerage, Import & Export Transportation Solutions, Domestic brokerage and asset-based trucking, Warehouse Fulfillment services, Trade Compliance Consulting, Large Equipment and Project Cargo moves, as well as Parcel Audit Savings.  Scarbrough is widely known for its trade experts, free training, personalized customer service, customized solutions, and data analytics tools.  Since 1984, Scarbrough has continued to satisfy its clients by following its motto on a daily basis: “It is our job to make your job easier.”  Moreover, our team of experts is available at your disposal.  We offer free 20 minute consultations on any topic from supply chain optimization and duty savings opportunities to the basics, helping to guide new importers and exporters as they jump into the world of global trade.