Shipping Tools

Ocean and Air Freight Volume Calculator

Enter weight and dimensions to come up with the correct unit for your shipping quotes.

Domestic Shipping

Enter weight and dimensions to come up with estimated Class Number for your domestic shipment.


Useful information to assist in making your job easier and get to know Scarbrough.

Container Specification Tool 

Select container and view dimensions and weight.

Dimension Cheat Sheet

Download a convenient and handy container dimension chart

Mexico Shipping Process

Download the NB and SB Shipping Process between USA and Mexico

 Keep your Data Confidential

Find out how to keep your bill of lading information private.


A description of who is responsible for what during an international process.

Industry Links

Industry trade links to assist in finding relevant information

Trade Glossary

International trade has a vocabulary all its own. Find out what it means here. 

Newsletter Archive

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Foreign Currency

Find out how to save money on foreign currency transactions

Duty Drawback

Find out how to obtain refunds for exporting previously-imported product

Free Trade Agreement

FAQ Guide on FTAs with the United States of America

Foreign Trade Zone

FAQ Guide on FTZ's in The United States

Letter of Credit

FAQ Guide on Letters of Credit

Basic Guide to Export

The basic concepts of international trade for exporters by The U.S. Commercial Service

ATA Carnet

An international customs document that allows duty and tax free temporary entry into 100 foreign countries