Weekly Cut off: Wednesday •  Weekly Sailing on: Tuesday

Direct Service

Unlike conventional LCL consolidators, your freight arrives direct into a Scarbrough Warehouse as full container freight.

Quicker Transit

You can rely on faster transit than other conventional LCL carriers.

Reduced Risk

Our CTPAT certification adds another level of security to your freight. Unloading in our own warehouse, fewer hands touch the freight, reducing risk of damage or pilferage.

Track & Trace

You can access our online tracking system 24/7/365 via any internet connection or mobile device.

Better Visibility

From a carrier perspective, the freight is treated as a full container and easier to manage.

Customized Communication

Your single point of contact will provide you updates customized to your preferences.

Local Delivery

Our own trucks will deliver your freight direct to your door. Again fewer hands touch the freight and transit time reduced.

Competitive Pricing

Being one of the only forwarders in the Midwest to supply this service, we are able to offer unmatched aggressive pricing.

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