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Originated in 2015, Scarbrough Mexicana, S.C. is known for its expertise in Mexican and U.S. Customs clearance, compliance, and logistics services between Mexico and the United States.  Scarbrough's global capabilities with local offices on both sides of the Mexico-USA border allow our clients to enjoy a seamless and delightful shipping experience, whether it is shipping to or from Mexico.  Through its expertise and bilingual team on both sides of the border, Scarbrough finds new ways to mitigate warehousing risk and liabilities, while alleviating costs.

Moreover, Scarbrough Mexicana's team includes a retired Mexican Customs agent and offers a comprehensive range of compliance regulatory services to our clients, as well as expertise in specific trade commodities, HTS Codes, OGA permits, and other requirements. Required border crossing inspections are done in our own warehouse facilties, which reduces overall transit and coordination time and risk.  We deliver on time, within budget, and to the highest quality compliance and logistics standard process. It is our job to make your job easier and more efficient.  Often, we create customized solutions for our client's complex needs, including compliance and EDI options.  Scarbrough Mexicana, S.C., Mexican Customs brokerage company has Mexican certifications under OLA, OEA, and a U.S. CTPAT certification.

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Mexico Services include:

  • Licensed US Customs Brokerage
  • Licensed Mexican Customs Brokerage
  • Warehouse and Crossdocking Services
  • Warehouse Distribution Center
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Warehousing Compliance
  • Electronic Invoice with SAT EDI Collaboration
  • Transloading and Container Devanning
  • Commodity Inspection
  • HTS Code Determination Department
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation
  • International Border Crossing (Drayage)
  • Mexican C-TPAT Yard and Receiving 24/7
  • Multi-vendor Consolidation
  • Fulfillment Compliance
  • C-TPAT Facilities
  • Southern Border Inspections
  • Bilingual Customer Service


Download the Mexico-US Shipping Process

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US Shipment Southbound to Mexico

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The Scarbrough Group of Companies, headquartered in Kansas City with local presence in every major port in the world, is a complete international and domestic supply chain service provider, offering U.S., Mexican, and Canadian Customs brokerage, Import & Export Transportation Solutions, Domestic brokerage and asset-based trucking, Warehouse fulfillment and distribution services, Trade Compliance Consulting, Large Equipment and Project Cargo moves, as well as Parcel Audit Savings.  Scarbrough is widely known for its trade experts, training, personalized customer service, customized solutions, and data analytics tools.  Since 1984, Scarbrough has continued to satisfy its clients by following its motto on a daily basis: “It is our job to make your job easier.”  Moreover, our team of experts is available at your disposal.  We offer free consultations on any topic from supply chain optimization and duty savings opportunities to the basics, helping to guide new importers and exporters as they jump into the world of global trade.  Contact us now.