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Scarbrough LTL Pricing Module

LTL Pricing Module - quote, book, track all online

Scarbrough is Excited to Announce its Newest Piece of Technology

Quote, Book, Track Online 24/7

LTL Pricing

Scarbrough's LTL Pricing Module is built to make our clients' lives easier by allowing instant quotes from multiple carriers. Its easy-to-use automation software connects clients with our carrier contracts (or their own contracts too!) allowing them to quote, book and track all online 24/7 and via mobile capabilities. The LTL Pricing Module includes numerous benefits including but not limited to smart technology, customized reporting, automated tracking, and storage of related documents.

Why is this Module Different from the Rest?

Bleeding Edge Technology

Scarbrough's LTL Pricing Module delivers the challenging goal of capturing the remarkable benefits of bleeding edge logistics technology.  It is the first cloud-based logistics expert system built on artificial intelligence for the logistics industry and is tailored to each client's specific environment.

LTL Pricing ModuleWhy is Smart Technology important? 

Make your Job Easier

The smart technology remembers your preferences.  The more you use it, the easier it gets.  If you wish to avoid using a certain carrier, no need to even look at their rates.  If you only prefer a handful of carriers, great. We can customize your rates to only pull from those specific carriers.

For example, if a client tends to choose the same carrier for any given lane, the smart technology will immediately prioritize that choice for ease of viewing.  If a client absolutely refuses to use a certain carrier, then our technology can block those rates from showing up in a client's tailored pricing module.

Each user has its own login and system tailored to its preferences and history.  Scarbrough's LTL Pricing Module also stores data for future shipments and uses that information to make your life easier.  The module stores your products, NMFC numbers, routing pairs, special instructions and document uploads for booked freight.

What information is Required?

Even Easier

As in any case, the more information, the better. However, we understand that quote requests must happen even when we don't have all the information. Scarbrough's LTL Pricing Module allows a client to obtain a quote even with limited data.  To generate a quote, the following is required:  Number of Pieces, Total Weight, Pick up Zip Code, Commodity Description (i.e. Product), Delivery Zip Code, and the Freight Class, which will populate for you if you don't already have this information.

What if I don't know my Freight Class?

Suggestions Made for You

The LTL Pricing Module will take care of that piece for you, as well!  Just enter your product, weight and dimensions and a suggested class number will populate through.  When we say smart technology, there isn't much the technology hasn't "thought" about.  In the image below, the blue fields indicate required, however a suggested class number will automatically populate through based on the weight and dimensions if a client does not have that information.  A client can also override the Freight Class, as well.

LTL pricing NMFC

NMFC Description

A client can also type in a description of goods and our smart technology will help guide a client on which NMFC number to use based on the description.  Check out this screen shot below:

LTL Pricing NMFC

What if I have my Own Carrier Contracts?

We Can still Help!

Scarbrough is able to white label the LTL Pricing Module for your own company's use with your own carrier contracts.  The Transportation Management System (TMS) will also house Scarbrough's contracts if you wish to compare or find a more competitive rate on certain lanes.  You can book on your own contracts via a customized TMS for as low as $5.00 per booking.  To learn more about this option, email and mention "White Label TMS."


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  • Quote, book, track online
  • 24/7 access with instant quotes
  • Classifies your product for you
  • Stores information for future shipments (your products & NMFC numbers, addresses, etc.)
  • Access to and storage of related documents
  • Smart technology learns your preference of carriers
  • Set up favorite routings or shipment pairs
  • Customized reporting available
  • Automated tracking available

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If located in the United States, you should receive a username and password within 10 minutes between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm CST. If you do not receive something within that time frame, please call 816.584.2430. If outside of the indicated time frame, you will receive a username and password during those hours.

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