Fulfillment Compliance

Fulfillment Compliance

fulfillment compliance

Scarbrough Warehousing, Inc. has experts in all forms of warehousing, fullfilment and vendor compliance to accommodate customized solutions with numerous locations across the United States and expanding. Scarbrough’s warehouses are located in Kansas City, Reno, Chicago, and Laredo, allowing for 2-day shipping to 98% of the U.S. mainland population.

What is Fulfillment or Vendor Compliance?

Fulfillment compliance is driven by the retailer or vendor. The compliance here outlines how a purchase order should be shipped. If not done correctly, it could damage a relationship between a seller and a retailer (or vendor). Larger retailers have specific compliance standards sellers must meet in order to avoid fines and add more money to their bottom lines. A vendor compliance packet could include requirements on labeling, packaging, fulfillment, routing, examples of each, along with checklists and terms and conditions. Scarbrough is very familiar with vendor compliance packets and works closely with clients to ensure expectations are understood. In fact, The Scarbrough Fulfillment Team has a 99.86% accuracy rate via client audits, which is known as world-class.

“Your team shipped nearly 12,000 drop ship orders in June (not including large purchase orders or anything palletized), and obtained a 99.86% accuracy rate. Thank you!”
— Alicia Madsen,
Core Equipment Operations Manager,
Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer

Warehousing compliance is something Scarbrough takes pride in. Scarbrough’s internal compliance is standardized and agreed upon between Scarbrough and its client. For example, the type of pallets goods are required to be stored on, label and placement on the packaging, shipping instructions, among other requirements set forth by the client. Warehousing compliance begins upon receipt of goods and includes inspection criteria, as well.

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Fulfillment Compliance Services

Benefits of using Scarbrough

Benefits of using Scarbrough as a designated 3PL for warehousing needs:

  • less headaches
  • customer retention and satisfaction
  • long and short term storage available
  • split shipments, consolidation, de-consolidation
  • discounted shipping rates
  • distribution and fulfillment options
  • parcel shipping discounts
  • customized solutions

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About Scarbrough

The Scarbrough Group of Companies, headquartered in Kansas City with local presence in every major port in the world, is a complete international and domestic supply chain service provider, offering U.S., Mexican, and Canadian Customs brokerage, Import & Export Transportation Solutions, Domestic brokerage and asset-based trucking, Warehouse fulfillment and distribution services, Trade Compliance Consulting, Large Equipment and Project Cargo moves, as well as Parcel Audit Savings.  Scarbrough is widely known for its trade experts, training, personalized customer service, and customized solutions.  Since 1984, Scarbrough has continued to satisfy its clients by following its motto on a daily basis: “It is our job to make your job easier.”  Moreover, our team of experts is available at your disposal.  We offer free consultations on any topic from supply chain optimization and duty savings opportunities to the basics, helping to guide new importers and exporters as they jump into the world of global trade.  Contact us now.