Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are new to shipping or just need a refresher, our FAQ page and On-Demand Training allow you to touch up on frequently asked questions in regards to domestic or international shipping, U.S. Customs brokerage, Trade Compliance, and more.  Can’t find the answer you are looking for?  Feel free to contact our experts via email at or call 816-584-2425.

General Questions

What are Incoterms®?

What is LCL or Less than Container Load? How does it work?

What is Cargo Insurance? Should I insure my cargo? How much is it?

Can Scarbrough ship to Amazon Warehouses or fulfill Amazon orders?

What is the difference between Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight?

What are the best tips when shipping international?

Import Questions

What paperwork is required for U.S. Customs Brokerage services? 

What paperwork is required for import transportation services only?

What is the Import Process?

What is an HTS Number?

What is a U.S. Customs surety bond?

What is ISF or Importer Security Filing?

How do I import a sample or charitable goods? What if the value is $0.00?

What can I do to avoid U.S. Customs exams?

Export Questions

What paperwork is required for export transportation services?

What is the Export Process?

What is a Schedule B Number?


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