What is ISF?

Importer Security Filing, also known as “10+2”, is a U.S. Customs and Border protection regulation mandated for ocean cargo imports only. ISF is required to be filed with U.S. Customs and Border Protection 24 hours prior to sailing from last origin port.

In other words, importers should send all necessary data to their U.S. Customs Broker prior to shipping the order. Scarbrough files ISF 72 hours in advance and suggest importers to gather required data from their shippers as soon as possible.

Required Data Elements:

The required data elements can be found on this form and are listed below. Please send all this information to the U.S. Customs broker as soon as you obtain it.  We suggest you ask your shipper for these details, as well.

  1. Seller Name & Address
  2. Buyer Name & Address
  3. Importer of Record EIN/IRS Number
  4. Ultimate Consignee EIN/IRS Number
  5. Manufacturer (or Supplier) Name & Address
  6. Ship to Name & Address
  7. Country of Origin
  8. HTSUS Number
  9. Container Stuffing Location
  10. Consolidator Name & Address
  11. House Bill of Lading #  (Importer only needs to send the House BOL# if U.S. Customs broker is different from the freight forwarder moving the shipment)
  12. Master Bill of Lading # (The freight forwarder moving the shipment will have this number)

To learn more about Importer Security Filing :

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