Duty Drawback Consulting Services

Duty Drawback Consulting Services

Our company is known for our expertise in the Section 301 tariffs and finding ways importers can mitigate costs, risk and add to their bottom line.  One way is through Duty Drawback services.  Do you import and export?  You may be a candidate for refunds on money paid to U.S. Customs.  Learn more about duty drawback and catch up on a brief overview of the drawback process below.  Seem a little cumbersome?  That’s okay… Scarbrough will take care of this for you.  Email consulting@scarbrough-intl.com for pricing.

Duty Drawback Consulting

Step 1

Combined Drawback Privilege Application

The Combined Drawback Privilege Application includes the below 3 items.  The time frame for U.S. Customs to rule on the application is around 1 year.  However, we suggest to apply as soon as possible to accelerate the process as more and more importers & exporters are trying to do the same thing.  Scarbrough can apply on your behalf.

1. One-time waiver of prior notice of intent to export.

This one-time waiver is for previous drawbacks over the past 5 years.  This can only be implemented one time.

2. Waiver of prior notice of intent to export.

This is to waive the CF 7553 Customs form (Notice of Intent to Export, Destroy or Return Merchandise for Purposes of Drawback) required to be filed for every drawback export.
With an approved privilege application, an importer/exporter does not have to submit a CF 7553 every time it plans to submit a CF 7551 duty drawback claim.

3. Accelerated payment.

With an approved privilege application, an importer/exporter can submit CF 7551 Duty Drawback claims when it chooses (monthly, yearly, etc.).
With accelerated payment, the claim is generally received within 4-6 weeks of submission.

Before privileges are approved,
an importer/exporter must submit CF 7553 and CF 7551 with every claim.

US Customs Duty Drawback Forms


CF 7553 Customs Form =
Notice of Intent to Export, Destroy or Return Merchandise for Purposes of Drawback.
Required only when privileges are not in place.


CF 7551 Customs Form =
Duty Drawback Claim.
Required with each duty drawback claim.

Step 2

After Privilege Application is Submitted but not yet approved

Once the application is submitted, the drawback entries will need to be filed on a per entry basis.  Scarbrough can file these entries on your behalf.

  • CF 7553 Customs Form will need to be filed prior to export.  Customs has 72 hours once the CF 7553 and documents are filed to sign off on the export or advised if they want to examine the shipment.
  • After the Customs signed CF 7553 has been received the shipment can be exported.
  • Drawback entry will be filed as soon as the proof of export has been received.

Documents required with Form Submission:

  •  CF 7553 Customs Form (Notice of Intent to Export, Destroy of Return Merchandise for Purposes of Drawback.

The documents needed for the 7553 include:

    • the import documents (7501, commercial invoice, packing list and bill of lading)
    • the export documents (commercial invoice, packing list, BOL if available)
  • CF 7551 Customs Form (Duty drawback claim)

If you don’t have privileges approved, you must turn in original signed 7553 in relation to the 7551

The documents needed for drawback could include but are not limited to:

    • Commercial invoice (both import & export)
    • Packing list (both import & export)
    • inventory receipts
    • purchase/sales order (both import & export)
    • Customs clearance (both import & export), etc.
    • ITN # from export declaration AES/EEI
    • Bill of lading (both import & export)

Step 3

After Privilege Application is approved
  • CF 7553 Customs Form is no longer required
  • CF 7551 Customs Form can be submitted when desired.
  • Scarbrough can still submit the CF 7551 on your behalf.

Free Consultation & Pricing

We offer a free 30 minute consultation call with our Trade Compliance Team of U.S. Customs brokers and Global Trade experts.  Book an online session now or fill out the form for pricing.

Getting Started

  1. Fill out Scarbrough Client Application and Power of Attorney
  2. Fill out Duty Drawback Forms:

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