Do I need to declare a value even if my shipment is $0.00 ?

Do I need to declare a value even if my shipment is $0.00 ?

What about charitable goods? What about samples?

Yes, you need to declare a value even if you are shipping charitable goods. Every product that you want to import has some sort of value.  When you are looking at valuation of the product, number one step is to look at the transaction value. If there is no actual “transactional” value, then you look at the value of identical merchandise.

For example, if you are importing a sample of a sweater and you paid nothing for it, you would declare the amount that you would have bought that same sweater for if you were to purchase it.

One suggestion to import samples is to have your shipper create an invoice for $0.00 and notate on the actual invoice the value of the goods and notate “For U.S. Customs purposes only.”

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