“I have to tell the world how much I love Scarbrough!  Scarbrough’s import department does a fantastic job taking care of me on a regular basis!  My first export experience was amazing because of the helpful export team, as well.  The free webinars Scarbrough offers are so useful and help me learn as a customer.

All around, I just want to tell Scarbrough, ‘THANK YOU SO MUCH!’

It is a Godsend to have my ocean forwarder just handle our business and take away any stress from my desk. The customer service is wonderful and the staff’s industry knowledge and experience guides me when I am in need.”

Ashley Penland, Purchasing Manager, Castle Creations, Inc.

I love Scarbrough!

“Scarbrough is the premier freight forwarder and customs agent for my company.  They have the best service and knowledge when dealing with international shipments. My company never worries about following up because the account reps are always on it, resolving any issues we may have. Not only do they have the best service, but the agents are very approachable and there is no such thing as dumb question. From webinar content to newsletters, my company is always informed of the challenges we all face in the international trade Community.

Simply put, Scarbrough makes my job a lot easier because of the services they offer.

Shanaé Weeks – Distributor of Specialty Waxes

They have the best service and knowledge

“I appreciate our working relationship and Scarbrough’s excellent service.”

Vicki Corbett, VP/Customer Service Manager, Diversified Manufacturer of Plastics Components

Great working relationship and excellent service

“Dear Scarbrough Team,

Thank you for going above and beyond for our customer in Alaska.  We appreciate the effort, skill and communication with us through the process.”

Aubrey Guezuraga, President & CEO, Medical Storage Provider

Thank you for going above and beyond

“Scarbrough is my lifesaver… My export world is so much better with them in it!”

Christine Brannin, Shipping Coordinator, Large Bulk Tank Manufacturer

Scarbrough rocks my export world

“The Scarbrough webinars are terrific. As someone who came into my current position with more of a domestic transportation background, these webinars have greatly helped me in better understanding international business. The presenters are always knowledgeable with years of experience to speak from. The question and answer format is great in that it offers the opportunity for discussion of questions and issues from industry peers. When I receive notice of new Scarbrough webinars, I sign up immediately.”

Chris Jennum, Export Logistics Coordinator, Dairy Exporter

The Scarbrough webinars are terrific

“I have worked with Scarbrough for about two years. I just moved to a new company and immediately contacted Scarbrough for all of our shipping needs (international and domestic). They have never disappointed me. Everyone I have had contact with has been extremely knowledgeable and they always go the extra mile to make sure our freight is taken care of!”

Kelly Hiatt, Leclanché NA

I have worked with Scarbrough for two years

“I want to express my appreciation for the professional and prompt way in which Scarbrough’s team assisted me.  Scarbrough’s team was able to promptly answer all my questions and managed to process all my application paperwork very quickly.  I’ve dealt with other service providers that are uncommunicative and unhelpful. That was not the case with Scarbrough.

I thank Scarbrough for making a not-always-pleasant process considerably less stressful.  Scarbrough’s team was courteous, prompt, professional and their information was always accurate and helpful.  I especially appreciate that their team stepped up to provide me with updates about the progress of my freight when it became clear the other service providers were not. Thank you!”

– Sheldon Moss, Solaris Intellectual Property Group

I want to express my appreciation