Checklist for Complying with USA Export Regulations

Checklist for Complying with USA Export Regulations

Export Regulations Checklist

Ask yourself the following questions when you are exporting:

  • Are my products on the U.S Munition List ( USML)
  • Are my products subject to the EAR ?
  • Are my products on the Commerce Control List (CCL) ?
  • Do general prohibitions 4-10 apply?
  • Do I know the end user and end use of the product?
  • Am I shipping to a destination of concern?
  • Do I need a BIS (Department of Commerce) license?
  • Does my shipment qualify for a license exception?
  • Is there any indication of restrictive trade practice or boycott language?
  • Did I provide my forwarder with complete and accurate information?
  • Did I provide my forwarder with written authorization to file AES on my behalf?
  • Did I request and receive a copy of the AES data transmission from my forwarder?


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What else?

The exporter must know the end user of the commodity. It is exporter’s responsibility to check the end user and ensure they are not re-selling to an restricted country.  The exporter must keep documents on record for at least 5 years. These documents need to be accessible upon request.  The exporter or shipper will need to prove to the Department of Commerce that it at least attempted to be compliant at the time of the shipment.  If this is the case, it could reduce penalties, but not guaranteed.


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