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Download the forms below and submit them to

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Instructions (PDF)

Power of Attorney  (PDF)
print, sign, scan and send

Electronic Power of Attorney (PDF)
download & save to desktop, then open pdf from your desktop, create digital signature (configure new digital ID), save and send

Client Application

Online Client Application

Client Application (PDF)

Additional Documents

Screening Consent (.doc)

ISF Information (PDF)

Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (.doc)

Customs Documents and Forms

Continuous CBP Bond Application

ACH Application
this link takes you directly to CBP’s website

ACE Application
must open this application in Internet Explorer

Parcel Audit & Contract Engineering Forms

Parcel Audit Order Form

Enrollment Form

Master Services Agreement

Duty Drawback Forms

Duty Drawback Questionnaire

Scarbrough Agreement to Provide Services

Documents Required

Documents Required

Compliance Procedures

Proof of Export

Scarbrough de Mexico de s de rl de cvRequired Documents for doing business
between Mexico and USA

View all required documents and checklists in both Spanish and English.

Return your documents to or to your Scarbrough representative.

Mexican Exporter Requirements
Mexican Importer Requirements
U.S. Shipper or Exporter Requirements