Update on Laredo-Nuevo Laredo

Customs Closed Because of the Heavy storms presented in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo, Texas on May 21, SAT reports that due to damage in the infrastructure caused at the Mexican and American customs, The Mexican and United States Customs authorities jointly agreed that the border crossing between Nuevo Laredo Customs and Laredo Customs would remain […]

Who is NASCO?

North American Strategy for Competitiveness (NASCO) North American Strategy for Competitiveness (NASCO) is the leading organization focused on the competitiveness of the North American supply chain, workforce and energy independence. We are the only tri-national network of North American governments, businesses, and educational institutions, driven by a common interest in collaboration along commercial corridors and […]

Storms Shut Down World Trade Bridge at Laredo-Nuevo Laredo

The World Trade Bridge will be Closed Indefinitely until Further Notice Heavy storms, flash floods and a tornado have been reported to hit areas of Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico on Sunday, May 21, 2017.  Mexico Customs and U.S. Customs offices were both affected, including the World Trade Bridge, one of the main bridges […]

Challenges when Exporting

  Exporting outside of the United States opens up a world of opportunities.  Ensure your company is staying compliant and following the right steps to avoid losing money while boosting sales. Incoterms Failure to understand or establish specific Incoterms could not only be costly for the shipper or consignee, but cause friction in your sales […]

Autonomous Ships

Look for one in 2018 I’ve heard of autonomous vehicles, and still am baffled how amazing technology can be, but autonomous ships? Do they really exist? The answer is yes! The first part of May marked the announcement of partnership between Norwegian maritime-technology firm, Kongsberg Gruppen ASA and fertilizer manufacturer, Yara ASA to build the […]

NAFTA Trade Talks on their Way

Trade talks are moving Robert Lighthizer is finally confirmed as the new USTR representative and things are moving forward with NAFTA talk. This comes at a good time for NASCO, as Tiffany Melvin, president of the North American Strategy for Competitiveness (NASCO) and a group of NASCO members were in Washington around the same time. They met with […]

The Belt and Road Initiative

China President Xi just recently pledged $124 billion for the Belt and Road Initiative in May. What is the Belt and Road Initiative? President Xi’s “project of the century” considers the Silk Road mantra that will benefit people across the world and the ultimate plan is to develop quick trade routes between Europe and China […]

Dimensional Weight Calculator

All the information you need on one page For the first time since 2015, when dimensional weight was introduced, FedEx and UPS have used different formulas for their DIM Weight calculations AND different base shipping rates for their ground services. This makes calculating accurate DIM weight more complicated than ever for businesses and individuals shipping […]

Scarbrough Blue

What is Scarbrough Blue? It’s been some time since I have written an article for the newsletter so I’m sorry for that.  I’ve certainly had many things I would like to share.  I’ve recently been thinking of the term “Scarbrough Blue” that we often use at our company and what it means.  On a color […]

Fun Facts on Freight in the United States

The waterway system in United States is comprised of 145 ports. Each of the ports regulates sea traffic significantly and handles more than 1 MMT (million metric tonne) cargo on annual basis. In contrast to the minor ports, major seaports handle more than 900 MMT cargos annually. Seaports and sea routes are very crucial to […]